Our Story

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Completing intense film studies in Istanbul at our respective universities, we gained  experience of  fifteen years in professional film production industry, both in Turkey and abroad. 


We are two dynamic  filmmakers. Ulaş Yiğit Ülker has extensive experience as a D.O.P and Director while Övünç Hitay is a director who has profeciency from the advertising perspective.


In the last few years we have created joint opportunities to work in collaboration that will help us to use our different capacities. Together, we have worked  as a team for  a feature movie and several commercials for reputable accounts. Our enduring friendship has complemented our professional partnership, enabling us to be a quintessential team.


Having directed feature film, TVC’s, documentaries and corporate social responsibility projects in Turkey and abroad, we are well-versed storytellers for both Middle East and European culture.